Why Am I Starting My Own Business During Covid-19

Growing up I was always the oddball who played with legos and cars by my self. Always creating my own worlds were cars flew and skyscrapers were made from prefab block units. Later I learned I could build websites in very much a similar way via coding. At age 13 I built my first website and boy was it a good one. I built a website for my high school. It was meant to improve on the school’s current site but soon become the #1 hit in Google search for the high school. I had an average of 13,000 visitors a month. I also created social media profiles to make announcements about sports and other events. I had outranked my school’s website and social media profiles because I understood basic SEO and social media practices thanks to being a digital native.

Since then I have done nothing but grow my skill sets in the digital space. By learning HTML, cybersecurity, and SEM while at UNC Greensboro I have begun to understand the critical details every small business needs to succeed online.

That brings me to today. By starting my own business I bring my drive and passion to any small business that needs it. I have worked at the enterprise level and it killed me not being able to implement cost-saving marketing strategies. Strategies that are data-backed and bring in more conversions and leads. That is why today I am proud to open Harp Marketing for business. I am here for each client no matter the time of day. I want to show everyone that E-Commerce is not as scary as you think and can be a major ROI for your small business. Let us come together and find the best solutions for you and your amazing business!

Let’s get your Greensboro, Winston Salem, and Triad local business into the digital space today!

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